How Virtual Tours are Helping Real Estate Marketers Sell Properties

Virtual tours are making waves in the real estate industry as software takes staging and online tours to the next level 

With online searches accounting for more than two thirds of the time that buyers devote to finding the right property, it’s essential for real estate marketers to adjust their efforts accordingly. But it takes more than a robust website and informative blog posts to get your properties sold.  

The latest trend among digital marketers: virtual tours that offer prospects an actual inside look at your real estate listings from wherever they happen to be. 

Virtual tours: the basics 

Utilizing the newest technology, potential buyers are given the opportunity to leisurely explore your listing without ever stepping foot inside. Leads can take their time and truly get a sense of what it might be like to call your property home. The digital tool gives developers an opportunity to save money, time, and creates an opportunity for exponentially larger reach than traditional tours. 

Why real estate marketers need to be creating virtual tours 


Purchasing a piece of real estate is a big decision and not one that is usually made overnight. Make searching for your properties convenient to potential buyers by showing them exactly what they can expect when they walk through the door.  

Here’s sound advice from Quicken Loans:  

While there are a lot of companies and software out there that can help you create the most technologically-advanced virtual tour on the market, your main objective should be to create an online experience that is easy to navigate and does a good job showing off your home.” 

Cost effective 

Virtual tours can be elaborate 3D tours done by a production company or as simple as shooting video on your cellphone. Using available resources, like your mobile phone, allows real estate marketers to get their properties in front of prospects without a huge financial investment.  

Stay ahead of the competition 

Buyers who view propertiewith virtual tours are two times more likely to set up an actual tour. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why real estate marketers need virtual tours to stay ahead of their competitors. Buyers have the opportunity to engage with your property, while learning more about your brand. 

Virtual tours have exponential reachand longevity 

As a marketer, you know that longevity is key in creating content. Virtual tours are a cost-effective, timesaving tool that can showcase your property for as long as it is available. Get the most out of your virtual tour by posting it to your website, write a tour-based blog post, and share it social media. The more visible your virtual tour is to prospects, the more organic reach you’ll gain. Reply to comments (positive and negative) and answer any questions that prospects may have. The more engagement a brand has with leads, the closer you are to closing a deal. 

Final thoughts 

Virtual tours are rapidly revolutionizing the real estate industryIt allows potential buyers to view your listing at their own convenience, anytime, anywhere. Have you tried posting a virtual tour of your property? We’d love to hear about your experience 

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