Listen Up, Real Estate Pros. What You Need to Know About Instagram Lead Generation

Instagram lead generation involves more than posting stunning photos of your listings. Here’s how you make your properties stand out.

With 500 million daily users and an average of 95 million posts, there’s no wonder many industries — including real estate — leverage Instagram for lead generation and business growth. According to Sprout Social Consumer Engagement Index, the real estate industry generates the second highest inbound engagement on Instagram.

But Instagram lead generation involves more than posting photos of your recent luxury properties. To connect with buyers, you need to show both organic and promotional content that matches the property that they aspire to own.

Here are three tips to effectively use Instagram as a lead generation tool.

Instagram lead generation: Attracting your dream audience

Set defined goals

Start off by setting defined goals as to why you are posting and advertising on Instagram. Whether engaging with people who want to purchase their first homes, seeking renters who are willing to sign a year-long lease, or just raising awareness about new projects in a highly competitive real estate market, ask yourself what you want your Instagram presence to accomplish? Once you have established your objectives, you can tailor your posts and sponsored content accordingly.

Post engaging content

Instagram lead generation means taking full advantage of the features at your disposal to reach and engage your audience, such as Stories, photos, videos, captions, and hashtags. You content should capture the essence of both your brand and property. It should be short, engaging, and direct. Include vital information such as price, location, square footage, number of bedrooms, and anything else of interest to your audience.

Use carousel ads for each property

Lastly, let your photos tell a story: happy customers, eye-catching details, neighborhood events — they all contribute to the vibe of your property. Try a carousel ad, for instance. Carousal ads display several images in a catalogue-like format. In addition, this format gives you multiple opportunities to pull in new leads through beautiful imagery. Get creative with different angles to engage users with the carousel format.

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform for a range of industries. Part of the reason is the effectiveness of Instagram lead generation.

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