5 Tips to Step Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Real estate marketers are increasingly turning to social media as a strategic tool to grow brand awareness, gain market intelligence, and generate organic traffic. Here are five tips to boost your real estate social media marketing efforts. 

 If you’re a real estate marketer, it’s probably old news that the vast majority of the real estate market has moved online. Increasingly, traditional marketing tactics are giving way to newer methods, and inbound marketing is taking the place of outbound. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: real estate and social media are a match made in heaven. 

You should be making the most of this incredible tool for marketing luxury and commercial real estate. Here are our top 5 tips to grow your real estate social media marketing in 2019. 

1. Be authentic 

Social media for real estate marketing is all about the personal. Users on these platforms are looking to connect with the real people behind the brands they follow. Increasingly, social media users are craving authenticity. Part of building your brand is about discovering and cultivating your “corporate personality,” particularly when it comes to social media. Find your brand’s voice, and let it shine through.  

2. Use hashtags strategically 

Using hashtags well can help increase your properties’ visibility, as well as growing organic reach on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Using hashtags in your social media content lets you categorize your content, draw attention quickly and easily, drive conversations, increase visibility, and harness the power of topics on social media. Check out our guide for using hashtags in real estate marketing here. 

3. Make use of the right tools 

With demand comes supply, and as social media marketing has become more and more important, developers have created some extremely helpful tools to help you streamline your efforts. Whether it’s free stock photos, tools that help you create infographics, or automating your social media posts, there’s likely a tool that will help you get the job done more quickly and easily. 

4. Diversify across platforms 

While Facebook still reigns supreme in the social media universe, if you aren’t connecting with users on other platforms, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. While each platform requires its own content and posting strategy, you’re essentially presenting your brand identity from the various angles allowed by different platforms. Not only that, using multiple social media platforms helps improve your search engine rankings.    

5. Engage with your followers 

It may seem painfully obvious, but too many real estate marketers forget that social media is just that: social. When followers engage with your posts, always reply! Encourage comments and shares—and join the conversation. Not only is it a great way to cultivate a loyal following, but you can also gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences.  

As with any marketing endeavor, a crucial first step for social media marketing is strategy. We’ll leave you with this idea—your real estate social media marketing will benefit immeasurably from a clear, documented strategy, with measurable goals and a mechanism for collecting and analyzing data. Used wisely, social media can help build your brand, engage your potential buyers and renters, generate leads, and establish your reputation as a trusted resource. 

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