Push Notifications: Why Real Estate Marketers Need to Start Using Them

Push notifications can help accelerate your digital marketing efforts so that your property gets in front of prospective buyers and renters faster than would happen organically. 


  • Using push notifications can get your message in front of prospects instantly. 
  • Websites are now capable of leveraging this technology. Push notifications are delivered to a mobile device or desktop even if the user isn’t on that website. 
  • Be awareoverly pushy or too frequent notifications can increase user opt-out numbers.

If you build it, and they will come. Kevin Costner’s legendary line in Field of Dreams could also be said about digital marketing. Or rather, publish quality content, and buyers will come to you. But, digital marketing takes time to show results. There’s not much you can do about that. 

Or, is there? 

Using push notifications can get your message in front of prospects instantly. Pair quality content with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and you will be in a position to drive more traffic to your website, create more brand visibility, and sell or lease more properties. 

Don’t believe in the power of push notifications? Here are some undeniable stats to prove it 

  • Push notifications boost engagement up to 88% 
  • 70% of adults enabled push notifications from their favorite brands 
  • 65% of users return to an app (or website) within 30 days when push is enabled 
  • The average click rate for push notifications is 7.8% 
  • 50% of customers find web browser push notifications useful and readily give their permission to the website that they would like to hear from 

So, what is a push notification? 

push notification is the delivery of information to a device from a server where the request for the transaction is initiated by the server rather than by an explicit request from the client. What does it all mean? It’s basically a fancy way of saying you can push content to audiences on their phone (or computer), even when they’re not using the device, but there is a caveat — viewers have to opt into these notifications in order to receive them. 

And don’t worry if your real estate marketing strategy doesn’t include an app. Websites are now capable of leveraging this technology, called browser push notificationsThese types of notifications are delivered to a mobile device or desktop even if the user isn’t on that website. And since Americans look at their phones 52 times a day on average it gives you a lot of opportunity to get your property in front of them.  

Don’t be pushy 

Beware of overly pushy or too frequent notifications, which can increase user opt-out numbers. And refrain from using push notifications as a sales pitchRather than forcing your properties on usersbe the expert advice they are seeking. Help them envision themselves in one of your properties.  

According to PushAssist, “sending multiple push notifications can enhance your page views, but won’t boost your sales. It could also result in high bounce rates. Moreover, this may annoy your users and even worse may reduce interest in the products and services you offer. 

Don’t fall into the habit of the “spray and pray” approach when it comes to push notifications. Thoughtlessly bombarding users with generic messaging will not attract quality leads. Instead, be thoughtful and deliberate with your communication. Offer your prospects valuable messaging with a personal touch to encourage action.  

If you can successfully navigate push notifications with sharp messaging and timing, your real estate brand can greatly benefit from this digital lead generation tool. 

benefits of push notifications 

1. Increased user engagement

When used wisely as a part of your digital marketing strategy, push notifications can increase user engagement. But remember, it’s quality over quantity. Your notifications should be direct and to the point. They should address the needs of your prospects and encourage open communication. Using push notifications to encourage users to interact with your real estate company helps drive brand awareness and lead generation for your properties. 

2. Drive action

Push notifications are an effective way to create a sense of urgency around your property. This urgency, in turn, drives website traffic and increases conversion rates. Try sending messages with an undertone of “act now” on topics such as the latest amenities that buyers can’t live without, local restaurants and activities, and updates on high-demand buying and leasing opportunities 

3. Time efficiency

Let’s face it, writing emails and blog posts is time consuming. Marketers know how much time it takes to research topics and keywords, writthe actual copy, and edit, proof-read, and distribute. With push notifications, marketers can quickly and efficiently create messaging that instantly arrives on user’s phone or desktopsaving hours every week on creating content that may or may not even reach your readers. And since users must opt into push notifications, you have prospects that are genuinely interested in your properties.  

Is your real estate brand already using push notifications? Have you seen an increase in web traffic or conversions? We’d love to hear about your experience. 

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