Developing Your Real Estate Brand with Video Marketing

Here’s why video marketing is essential to developing your real estate brand and how to make video marketing work for you.  


  • A majority of marketing professionals already use video — 87% consider it one of their marketing tools
  • Video marketing is an excellent way to bring a powerful, sales-driven message to life.
  • A host of positive factors justify an extended effort into the creation of valuable video content.

It’s no secret that video marketing has an integral role to play in any well-rounded marketer’s toolkit. No matter what you’re selling  using videos as an avenue to create content, promote products and services, and connect with your audience is well-known to boost sales and increase brand awareness. 

Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate the potential of video marketing lies in hard statistics. We’ve rounded up a few of the most notable ones here to drive home just how hungry consumers are for video content: 

It’s evident that audiences love video  and savvy marketers have already caught on. Below, we’ve outlined how an effective video marketing strategy can help contribute to the development of your real estate brand. Whether you’re crunching numbers or considering your brand’s reach in a less tangible way, it’s virtually impossible to speak about marketing success without including video 

How Video Marketing Contributes to the Development of Your Real Estate Brand 

Bringing your value proposition to life      

Your value proposition helps paint a picture of how your services solve customers’ problems. This establishes relevancy. It’s also responsible for providing your audience with a quantified value, or an explanation of specific benefits that your brand delivers. Finally, it explains why clients should work with you instead of turning to your competition. 

Video marketing is an excellent way to bring this powerful, sales-driven message to life. We can communicate much more quickly and effectively via video (which allows us to leverage visuals and audio) than through writing. Through video, you can show future clients exactly what they have to gain from working with you.  

Increased brand awareness    

Brand awareness is integral to business success. You want potential clients and customers to heavily associate your brand and properties with something positive, useful, or necessary  this not only positions you as an ideal choice when it comes time to get to work, but it ensures that your audience will be able to recall your existence later, too.  

If you leverage video marketing properly, you can strengthen your brand message, promote your name, and increase brand awareness. Sticking to content that abides by, or expands upon, your value proposition helps make this easy to achieve.  

Lower costs per lead  

Marketing can get expensive fast. As price-per-lead creeps up, the monetary payoff of the effort you put in behind the computer screen or camera starts to nosedive. Video marketing makes for an ideal lead acquisition strategy because it has an exceptionally low cost-per-lead 

Other marketing methods like SEO, retargeting, and email marketing often run cheaper, but are not always as effective or take longer to pay off. Today’s consumers want their options laid out in front of them  not clogging up email inboxes or hiding five pages deep in search engine results pages. 

No matter your reason for exploring your video marketing options, a host of positive factors justify an extended effort into the creation of valuable video content. Your clients and customers will love getting a more intimate view of your brand, while your sales and marketing teams will funnel their efforts into marketing that’s both engaging and profitable. 

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