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The best way to come up with engaging and creative content is to think outside the box and, sometimes, take risks. Here are 4 rules to break to produce truly creative content for real estate marketers. 


  • Produce creative content by throwing out the template approach and start thinking about what makes you stand out. 
  • Don’t be afraid to showcase what you do best through different avenues, like customer or vendor testimonials. 
  • When you’re committed to curiosity, you naturally become a learning organization and this learning leads to more creative content. 

With over 4 million blog posts published every day, you have to be really creative to drive traffic to your website and attract prospective tenants or buyers to your properties. Marketers may think they need to follow these rules, but in fact, you need to break them to craft creative content 

1. Mirror competitors

While it’s true there might be trending topics that you will want to cover, you should think more about the value proposition of your specific property and put the focus there. This will help you write creative content that stands out from your competitors and is not repeating what “everyone else is doing.” Remember, your property is unique, so your content should be too. 

2. Marketing mindset

While your marketing team knows everything about your property, some of the best stories and blog content come from your other teams. Existing residents or buyersproperty managers, neighborhood vendors, and local businesses often have a really good prospective or story to tellTap into those unique stories for creative (and personalized!) content. 

3. Keep it obvious

While there will definitely be some obvious things that stand out about your property that you’re going to want to highlight, sometimes the most creative content comes from a different perspective. For example, you may want to talk about events that are taking place near your property over the summer, like rock concerts, performance art, open-mic nights, or anything else that appeals to your buyer personasDon’t be afraid to get specific and dig a little deeper; the result will be creative content that stands out to prospective tenants or buyers.  

4. Repeat success

 While it’s true you should look at the analytics and build upon content that has been successful in the past, you should also be taking some risks when you’re developing your content calendar. Build in a healthy mix of what’s worked for you in the past — what resonates with your target audience — and something newout of left field. Real estate marketers need to keep experimenting. Audiences are constantly evolving, so your content should be too.  

Have you published creative content by thinking outside the box? Have you been successful?  

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