Real Estate Marketing Trend 2019: Influencer Marketing

A fast-growing trend, influencer marketing is becoming a larger budget item for brands that want to keep up with the competition.


  • Influencer marketing targets potential clients with engaging and valuable content delivered by household names that buyers know and trust.
  • It’s extremely effective because of three key components: social reach, original content, and consumer trust.
  • Instagram, with over 1 million monthly users, is an ideal place to start.

You’ve probably already read about some of the hottest influencers for real estate brands. Influencer marketing seems to be on the tip of every marketer’s tongue these days. Linqia’s latest report, The State of Influencer Marketing 2019, shows that companies are already taking full advantage of this marketing trend. In fact, 57% of survey respondents reported that influencer content outperformed brand-created content.

Real estate marketers, on the other hand, have been slower to adopt this new marketing tactic. The tried and true “word-of-mouth” approach of marketing a property has expanded way beyond face-to-face interactions to social media platforms. Influencer marketing targets potential clients with engaging and valuable content delivered by household names that buyers know and trust.

To understand why influencer marketing is becoming so popular and why real estate brands need to jump on the trend, let’s start with the basics.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing places the focus on influential people, rather than the target market as a whole. Marketers identify individuals who have influence over potential buyers (or renters) and create marketing campaigns and activities around those influencers.

An example of a successful real estate influencer is Barbara Corcoran, one of the most successful female real estate investors in the business. After appearing on NBC’s Shark Tank, Corcoran has invested over $5.4 million in property deals. Real estate marketers have sought Corcoran to promote investment opportunities and share her blog and video content to educate their followers.

Why influencer marketing works

Influencer marketing is extremely effective because of three key components:

Social reach: Influencers can reach millions of followers (and consumers) through their social media channels, websites, and blogs.

Original content: Influencers work with marketers to produce original content for your brand.

Consumer trust: Through their existing, strong relationships with their audiences, influencers have a built-in level of trust and can influence consumer opinions.

Digital marketers are working overtime to update their digital marketing strategies to include influencer marketing campaigns. Buyers no longer want to hear from real estate brands about their properties; they want someone they trust to recommend these properties. This is where influencer marketing comes into play.

Where do you begin?

Instagram is an ideal place to start, and with over 1 million monthly users, it’s easy to see why. With 60% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budget this year, real estate marketers are quickly seeing the leverage that influencers can have over their target audiences. By pairing your properties with the right influencer, you can easily tap into thousands of potential buyers (or renters), increasing website traffic and leads.

Have you tried influencer marketing? How was your experience?

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