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It’s the start of a new year, and that means savvy marketers are looking to stay ahead of the curve. These top real estate marketing trends are what we see coming for 2019.

Real estate is a competitive and ever-changing industry. Just when your business settles into a successful routine, new marketing tactics and trends can throw you a curve ball. But being aware of the forces shaping the industry is the best way to hit your marketing efforts out of the park this new year. Here are the four top real estate marketing trends that we see coming in 2019.

1) It’s all about the video

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been writing about the astronomical rise of video in real estate marketing for a while now. We can’t stress it enough: video is here to stay, and it’s time your business starts embracing it as a highly effective content marketing tool.

Part of what makes video such an appealing form of content is its inherent shareability, which drives organic traffic. Getting your content and properties out to your base audience is one thing but empowering that audience to be your ambassadors is a huge next step. Creating appealing, engaging video is an ideal way to give your target audience material to share with their networks—with the potential to expand your reach exponentially.

2) People are craving authenticity

One of the dangers of a strong marketing presence is that it can almost become too smart and slick for its own good. It’s no surprise that, as Instagram edges us all towards posting only carefully curated, perfectly doctored reality, companies are likewise looking to share nothing but perfection.

But increasingly, social media users are craving authenticity. Of course, this doesn’t mean creating and sharing sloppy content, but it does mean allowing your followers to get a real, honest sense of your company and properties through the content you post on social media. Let your social media platforms be places where you engage your followers through compelling content that says something about the culture of your business and your passion for real estate.

3) Keep it personal

In a world of bots, robocalls, and AI, don’t underestimate the power of the personal. Much as users are seeking authenticity from marketers on social media, your potential buyers and renters will respond all the better to personalized content and relationship-building.

Whenever you can, add a personal touch to your communication with your audience. This doesn’t just mean adding their names to emails—in fact, marketing automation can (perhaps paradoxically) be your secret weapon when it comes to developing personal communication with potential buyers and renters. (Check our guide to marketing automation tools for real estate marketers here.)

4) Get creative

Writing and talking about creativity is a bit of a paradox. As soon as trends start to catch on and become, well—trends, they’re no longer shiny new innovations. One thing we can say for certain about the new year, and the future of real estate marketing going forward, is that creativity is going to be key.

While we can’t tell you exactly how to be creative, we can give you tips for developing an environment in which creativity can thrive. Being aware of trends, benchmarking your marketing efforts against those of your competitors, reading industry blogs, and listening to your client-base are just a few key ways to foster a culture of marketing creativity.

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