When Traditional Real Estate Marketing Methods Stop Working, Try Digital Marketing

A new digital marketing program helped one real estate marketing firm reinvent itself after traditional methods proved ineffective.

A prominent real estate marketing firm was experiencing an all-too-familiar predicament: They had a great product that, for some reason, was not selling. They had been following their traditional marketing regimen; however, something about the purchasing landscape seemed to have shifted, and in a way that rendered their methods ineffective.

Then, a new content marketing program changed everything in just a few months. For the better.

The firm’s business was real estate marketing, and their great product, a community of new homes in a highly desirable location.

Real estate, like so many other sectors, has experienced a major shift in buyer behavior in just the last two decades, with the majority of research being conducted online. The firm realized that a digital marketing strategy, unlike traditional print ads, could better reach a wider audience of potential homebuyers.

In less than 90 days after implementing the new content marketing program, sales increased by nearly 40%. Within the year, social reach grew by 325%, web traffic by 250%, and sales by 300%.

Download this case study to learn how the firm achieved such remarkable results.


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