The Role of Social Media in Luxury Real Estate Marketing

In the ultra-competitive field of luxury real estate marketing, social media can be your secret weapon. Here’s how these platforms can help set your brand apart, and drive conversions. 


  • Social media is an ideal place to create and share your brand narrative. 
  • With social media usage consistently on the rise, these platforms help lead users to your website. 
  • The visual nature of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram is ideal for marketing luxury real estate. 

Luxury real estate doesn’t exactly sell itself  if you’re a marketer, you’re well aware of this fact! The relatively limited customer base and highly competitive field make it crucial for luxury real estate brands to set themselves and their properties above the pack. When it comes to marketing luxury real estate, social media can be your best friend.  

 Of course, social media marketing and real estate are a match made in heaven. Real estate is inherently personal, even at the corporate and luxury levels, and marketers can use social media to great effect in cultivating productive relationships with leads. Here are four ways social media can boost your luxury real estate marketing efforts. 

 4 Ways Social Media Can Help with Luxury Real Estate Marketing 

 1. Tell the story of your brand 

Luxury real estate marketing depends on telling the unique story of your brand  your brand narrative. Social media provides an ideal platform for creating and sharing your brand narrative. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all highly visual networks, perfect for giving your followers and inside look at your authentic luxury brand. 

Use photos and videos to show off your luxury properties, and to capture the look and feel of your corporate personality. (If you’re looking for some extra inspiration, these 5 Instagram accounts are killing it at Instagram marketing.Let your brand’s identity and unique personality shine through in both your visual and written social media content. 

2. Cultivate relationships 

When it comes to marketing luxury real estate on social media, perhaps the most important, and most often forgotten aspect is the “social.” The amazing thing about these platforms is that they allow marketers not just to share branded content, but to interact with followers, building lasting relationships. 

Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity that social media offers. Encourage your followers to engage with you through comments, photo competitions, and questions. When your followers interact with your content, be sure to reply! Go above and beyond by taking the time to interact with content posted by your audience, peer brands, or luxury real estate influencers. Trust us, these small efforts will pay off in a big way. 

3. Drive traffic to your website 

Used effectively, social media is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website. Consider this: while relatively few people spend time online browsing luxury real estate websites, the average person spends about 135 minutes per day on social media. Like it or not, these platforms are becoming our primary sources for news, socialization, and branded content.  

An active social media presence lets you meet your luxury real estate clientele where they are and draw them to your other digital assets. The content you post should be entertaining and engaging, and help guide followers to your website, generating leads and conversions. 

4. Boost SEO 

Getting people to your website depends largely on search engine optimization (SEO). What many real estate marketers aren’t aware of is that SEO can actually be improved by your social media presence. Yes, the content on your website is critical, but having a well-rounded online presence also factors into search engine algorithms and can help you move towards that coveted top spot. 

Sharing your content on social media, for example, helps to build up a network of backlinks, which are one of the top factors that algorithms use to determine search engine rank. Not only that, social media platforms are ideal places to share information about your luxury real estate brand, such as name, address, and phone number. Believe it or not, keeping these simple pieces of information accurate and up to date in multiple locations online strengthens your SEO. 

The bottom line 

Luxury real estate marketing is a fiercely competitive field, but used effectively, social media offers a key set of tools to set your brand apart. Invest in a strategic social media marketing campaign, and watch your brand awareness, reputation, and conversion rate grow. 

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