7 Ways Content Marketing Helps Sell Luxury Real Estate

Do you sell luxury real estate? Are you using content marketing? Here are 7 reasons you should.

It’s no secret that, when it comes to driving luxury real estate sales, content marketing works. According to Placester’s 2018 Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey Report, 42.1% of real estate professionals surveyed plan to experiment with developing new types of content they haven’t tried. And a whopping 94.1% plan to focus on creating new and unique content for their websites.

So how exactly does content marketing help you sell luxury real estate? Here are 7 ways, just to name a few.

7 ways content marketing helps sell luxury real estate

1) Connect with qualified buyers.

Luxury buyers are highly likely to do purchasing research online. A robust digital and social media presence creates a virtual touch point to connect with affluent buyers.

2) Broaden brand awareness.

According to Sprout Social’s Consumer Engagement Index, which ranks industries by engagement from customers on social media, the real estate industry is second overall in terms of inbound engagement relative to audience size. As hyper-connected buyers engage with your relevant, quality content online, they share with their networks, and your content starts working for you exponentially.

3) Drive traffic to your property website.

Since 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of searchers don’t click beyond the first page of search results, SEO is crucial for driving traffic to your property’s page. As search engine algorithms evolve, quality content is more and more important in making sure buyers find your property among top results.

4) Communicate real-time updates to potential buyers.

Through social media, particularly through the use of video content or live stories, you can get real-time updates to luxury buyers about project timelines, availability, construction progress, neighborhood news, and promotions.

5) Generate leads.

Content marketing helps drive qualified buyers to your site. According to a spokesperson for New York City-based Corcoran Real Estate Group, since adopting a robust content marketing strategy, “the quality of the referral traffic back into our main website has significantly improved. And not only are we seeing more traffic coming in, but visitors coming in from social media sites are staying longer and looking at more things.”

6) Nurture leads.

Content marketing — particularly a well-planned, automated email strategy — is a highly efficient and effective way to develop relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales process. HubSpot recently reported that businesses using marketing automation to nurture leads received a 451% increase in qualified leads. That’s right: 451%.

7) Sell your neighborhood.

Blog content focused on neighborhood amenities, seasonal recreational activities, area restaurants, etc. can help highlight factors that make your properties attractive to affluent buyers.

As Fronetics’ Director of Strategy Jennifer Hart Yim writes, “Content marketing is a new approach to an old strategy — one that’s putting real estate marketers in charge of the way potential buyers interact with their properties.”

Do you use content marketing to sell luxury real estate?

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