5 Luxury Real Estate Brands that Use Content Marketing to Sell Property

Some of the biggest names in luxury real estate use content marketing to sell property.

Content marketing and luxury real estate are a match made in heaven. It’s an extremely powerful tool to attract visitors, convert them into leads, and convert leads to deals.

That’s largely because real estate buyers — especially luxury real estate buyers — are more connected than ever before. They have a proliferation of digital tools available to them with which to make purchase decisions. Smart real estate brands understand this reality and can use it to their advantage. How? It’s called content marketing.

Developers use content marketing to sell luxury real estate by creating high-quality, original content that attracts potential buyers searching the internet. It helps them grow brand awareness, drive traffic to the property website, and generate and nurture leads.

To give you some inspiration, here are 5 luxury real estate brands who have seen their sales transform as a result of adopting a content marketing strategy.

5 luxury brands to use content marketing to sell property

1) Corcoran Real Estate Group

Corcoran Real Estate Group has embraced content marketing and seen significant benefits. The New York City-based real estate brand increased their social media efforts and started posting two blog posts a week.

A spokesperson for the company says, “The main thing we’ve seen is that the quality of the referral traffic back into our main website has significantly improved. And not only are we seeing more traffic coming in, but visitors coming in from social media sites are staying longer and looking at more things — something we had also seen with search engines, but not in such large numbers.”

2) Long & Foster

Long & Foster is using a beautifully designed e-magazine to showcase luxury properties through an extensive online campaign targeting luxury clients. The online campaign drives traffic to the e-book and the website. 

3) William Lyon Homes

William Lyons Homes connects available luxury properties to over 6,000 people through a multitude of social media platforms. This residential home builder links social followers to relevant articles, outside press coverage, and traditional marketing resources that serve to build on the lifestyle brand of each property.

4) Extell

Like Corcoran, Extell recognizes the value of blog content to attract visitors and nurture leads. The New York firm uses its blog to highlight not only its building with luxury condo units for sale, but also additional relevant information such as neighborhood amenities, seasonal local weather, and area restaurants.

5) Millennium Partners

Millennium Partners sells luxury real estate in the hottest markets across the United States. The firm has embraced content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Millennium Tower’s Facebook page not only shares construction progress, sales information, and related press coverage, but neighborhood amenities, industry trends, and an array of visual content that’s more often than not shared widely by followers.

These are just a few of the many luxury brands that use content marketing to sell real estate. They’re meeting buyers where they are — in the digital space. If you’re not there, too, you’re missing out.

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