Top 5 Real Estate Blog Posts of 2019 … So Far

Here are our most-viewed real estate blog posts from this year, covering topics from social media to the latest trends in digital marketing. 

Throughout the year, we regularly write blog posts to help our readers stay on top of the latest news and happenings in the real estate industry, particularly in regard to digital marketing. We hope these posts provide insight, tips, and insider information on how the consistent publication of quality content can help you edge ahead of the competition. 

We’ve covered some great stuff this year, from new trends (like automation) to questions that clients ask year after year (like how real estate brands use social media). Here’s a look at our most popular posts so far this year. 

Top real estate blog posts from 2018 (so far) 

1. 5 Tips to Step Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Increasingly, traditional marketing tactics are giving way to newer methods, and inbound marketing is taking the place of outbound. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: real estate and social media are a match made in heaven. Here are five tips to boost your real estate social media marketing efforts. Read more 

2. Google Analytics for Real Estate Marketers – 4 Steps to Get Started

When it comes to gaining insights into real estate leads, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools out there right now. The data that Google Analytics for real estate provides gives you invaluable insights into how your audience is interacting with your content, as well as how your content is performing over time. Read more 

3. 6 Simple Tools for Creating Animated Real Estate Marketing Videos

Savvy real estate marketers are jumping on the video bandwagon, but the process can still be intimidating. Creating an animated image, GIF, or video can sound impossibly difficult — particularly if you’re over the age of 15! But in reality, there are plenty of tools that make creating these items not only simple but costeffective as well. Read more 

4. The Role of Social Media in Luxury Real Estate Marketing

In the ultra-competitive field of luxury real estate marketing, social media can be your secret weapon. Real estate is inherently personal, even at the corporate and luxury levels, and marketers can effectively use social media to cultivate productive relationships with leads. Here are four ways social media can boost your luxury real estate marketing efforts. Read more 

5. Top Real Estate Marketing Trends 2019

Real estate is a competitive and ever-changing industry. Just when your business settles into a successful routine, new marketing tactics and trends can throw you a curve ball. But being aware of the forces shaping the industry is the best way to hit your marketing efforts out of the park this new year. Here are the four top real estate marketing trends that we see coming in 2019. Read more 

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