Top Real Estate Marketing Posts 2018 - Digital and Content Marketing

Here are Fronetics Real Estate’s most-viewed real estate marketing posts from the last year. 

2018 was a big year for Fronetics Real Estate. We celebrated our first birthday in September, marking one year since the launch. Despite our youth, FRE is born out of longstanding expertise in real estate marketing. Our team has been working with residential and commercial real estate clients for many years under our parent brand, Fronetics. 

We aim to bring that same expertise to the readers of our blog at FRE. Below are our top viewed real estate marketing posts from this year. 

1. 5 Luxury Real Estate Brands that Use Content Marketing to Sell Property 

Content marketing and luxury real estate are a match made in heaven. This extremely powerful tool can attract visitors, convert them into leads, and convert leads to deals. That’s largely because real estate buyers — especially luxury real estate buyers — are more connected than ever before. Smart real estate brands understand this reality and are using it to their advantage through content marketing. Read more. 

2. 4 Real Estate Marketing Trends 2018 

Digital marketing platform Placester recently published the results of its 2018 Real Estate Marketing Survey. We pulled out the top 4 takeaways from the survey here. Interestingly, these real estate marketing trends align with those we are seeing with our clients as well. In general, real estate marketers are focused on leads: acquiring valid potential buyers and then turning them into sales. It makes sense, then, that many are turning to content marketing as a strategy, as it can be a highly effective lead-generation engine. Read more. 

3. 7 Ways Content Marketing Helps Sell Luxury Real Estate 

It’s no secret that, when it comes to driving luxury real estate sales, content marketing, like real estate marketing posts, works. According to Placester’s 2018 Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey Report, 42.1% of real estate professionals surveyed plan to experiment with developing new types of content they haven’t tried. And a whopping 94.1% plan to focus on creating new and unique content for their websites. Here are 7 ways that content marketing can help you sell luxury real estate. Read more.

4. 10 Quick Ways to Grow Brand Awareness 

If you’re building a new property, or just rebranding an old one with a bad reputation, you want to get the word out quickly about what your project is all about. It’s called brand awareness. To grow brand awareness requires a proactive approach. Some companies turn to traditional methods, such as billboards. But it’s important to think about your digital strategy, as well, since the vast majority of real estate research occurs online. Read more. 

5. 4 Ways a Blog Can Help You Sell Real Estate 

You might think that it seems silly to keep up a blog for your property or real estate company. Writing real estate marketing posts can be a significant time investment, and you may wonder who would even want to read your blog after all. But blogs do so much more for real estate than provide news and updates to a small community of interested parties. Read more. 

6. Using Online Virtual Tours to Sell and Lease Property 

As a real estate marketer, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the imagination of your potential buyers and renters. You’re most likely to sell them on your property when they can envision themselves in the space. The National Association of Realtors published a list of ways to dress up your virtual tours. We’re summarizing the key takeaways here. Read more.

7. Drive More Traffic and Generate More Leads with Your Real Estate Blog with our Editorial Calendar Template 

Having a documented strategy is critical for content marketing success. An important extension of that idea is making sure your blog content is well-organized and aligns closely with your content strategy. We have created a blog editorial calendar template to help you organize and improve your real estate content marketing efforts. Read more. 

8. Fronetics Real Estate Blog Named Top 60 Real Estate Marketing Blog 

We are pleased to announce that Fronetics Real Estate’s blog was included on a list of the best real estate marketing blogs. Feedspot’s Top 60 Real Estate Marketing Blogs & Websites for Real Estate Marketers features a number of valuable media resources for the industry. Fronetics Real Estate is honored to be included — particularly since we’ve only been live for six months. Read more. 

9. 5 TED Talks for Real Estate Marketers 

The popularity of TED Talks seems to have increased recently. A decade ago, the lecture series focused on technology, education, and design wasn’t a household name. Today, the number of views total well over 1 billion. TED Talks can be inspiring and full of useful information from thought leaders in all aspects of the field. Here are 5 that we think real estate marketers should watch right now. Read more. 

10. 10 Must-Follow Blogs for Real Estate Marketers 

One of the most exciting aspects of real estate marketing is that there’s always something new to learn. As technologies constantly evolve, there is an ever-growing field of ideas being generated and discussed—and every real estate marketer should be a part of it! We’ve compiled this list, letting you in on 10 of our favorite blogs that we think you should be following, too. Read more. 

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